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The Digest Enthusiast is available from the following booksellers:

Mike Chomko Books
Mail Order and Pulp/PB Shows

DreamHaven Books
Minneapolis, MN

Comments on Book Six
"You know you need this, so get a copy ASAP."
Bill Criderl, Pop Culture Magazine

"The Best of its Kind"
Alec Cizak, amazon review

"As always . . . a high recommendation from me."
James Reasoner, Rough Edges

Praise on past editions
". . . a fun read, cover to cover."
John O'Neill, Black Gate

". . . continues to be one of the very best publications out there."
James Reasoner, Rough Edges

"This latest edition of The Digest Enthusiast is probably my favorite so far."
Steve Alcorn, Amazon review

"...a pure pleasure to read... A great package all around, and highly recommended."
-James Reasoner, Rough Edges

"I've read almost every word in the first five issues and am expecting to do the same again [with book six]."
-Michael Bracken, Crime Fiction Writer

"In fact, Book Two is even better..."
-Rod Lott, bookgasm

“Each issue is a glorious excursion into the wonders of digest format fiction and non-fiction."
-Gary Lovisi, Paperback Parade #90

"A hardy applause to the entire editorial crew, writers, artists and designers. If you aren’t following “The Digest Enthusiast,” you are missing out on a very entertaining title. Don’t say I didn’t warn you."
-Ron Fortier, Pulp Fiction Reviews

“My verdict: Highly recommended.”
-John O’Neill, Black Gate

The Digeset Enthusiast book three coverThe Digest Enthusiast
book six

B.K. Stevens: Alfred Hitchock's
   Mystery Magazine

Edd Vick: Analog, Asimov's

News Digest: F&SF, Nostalgia
   Digest, Betty Fedora, Pulp
   Literature, Weirdbook,
   Switchblade, The Pulpster,

   and more
Bob Hope's They Got Me Covered
International Science Fiction

Sharon Tate's Fate
Manhunt 1953 part one
Hothouse: Brian Aldiss'
   Dystopian Odyssey

Max Allan Collins' Digest Dolls
   Trading Cards

"Down the Rabbit Hole" by Lesann Berry
"Atomic Fuel" by Alec Cizak
"The Eihkarrad Talisman" by Joe Wehrle, Jr.

Artwork and Cartoons
Brian Buniak
Brad Foster
Michael Neno
Bob Vojtko
Joe Wehrle, Jr.

Also includes
Haiku by Clark Dissmeyer
Edd Vick's Speculative Fiction Markets
Crime Time by Bob Vojtko
Opening Lines

Print $8.99 (b&w interior)
Includes nearly 100 cover images, 152 pages     CreateSpace      

eBook $2.99 (color throughout)
Includes over 50 cover images
Kindle     Magzter

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Back and Front Cover of The Digest Enthusiast #1

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