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Sean Azzopardi
The London-based cartoonist and illustrator can be found online and at comics events in England, and across Europe. He’s published numerous mini comics under his Phatcomics imprint and currently draws Necessary Monsters (First comics) and "Phonogram" (Image).

Lesann Berry
As an anthropologist, Lesann divides her time between academic interests and professional research. Focused primarily on the American west, she is inspired by the geologic features of empty landscapes. The ancient art and prehistory of those settings often feature in her work. She writes about messed-up people and sinister events, saying her stories often feature paranormal or romantic elements because life is boring without spooky stuff and warm bodies. Crossing genre lines, she pens both contemporary and historical mysteries, romantic suspense, and even a little horror. For for information about upcoming releases visit the Lesann Berry website.

Tom Brinkmann
Want to read about unusual, off-the-beaten-path magazines, digests and tabloids? Visit Tom’s Bad Mags website (NSW) and find copies of Bad Mags volume 1 and volume 2 on Amazon, you’ll be off and running into the land of twilight pulp and the glossy adult hinterland!

Tom started writing reviews of zines and books, and articles on weird magazines for Headpress Journal (UK) in 1998. His website Bad Mags has been on the Internet since 2004; Bad Mags V1 was published in 2008, followed by Bad Mags V2 in 2009. Since then, Tom continues his pursuit of printed matter of unusual interest in his self-published zine On the Rack, three issues to date. Those interested in these limited edition zines can send email inquiries to Tom Brinkmann

Brian Buniak
Humor and Caricature teacher at the Joe Kubert School, Brian Buniak, is a graduate of the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. His cartoons and caricatures have appeared in The Daily News, Mad Magazine, Cracked Magazine, DC Comics and The Limbaugh Letter. Brian's character work includes Thunderbunny, Fear Agent, Den, Mr. Jigsaw and Angel and the Ape.

The past is Steve Carper's future. He created the Flying Cars and Food Pill website to bring the past future of technological marvels back into life. A long-term collector of digests, other paperbacks, mystery and science fiction and about 10,000 other books, he's writing a new history and bibliography of the seminal f&sf publisher Gnome Press. A collection of his own published science fiction, Tyrannosaur Faire, is available in paper and electronic format.

Rob Davis
Freelance artist of Redbud Studio, Rob's clients include Mayfair Games, Innovation Comics, Malibu Comics, DC, Marvel, Caliber, Missouri Cotton Exchange and Columbia Transit. Rob is the art director at Airship27, handling the design and production of their new pulp magazines and comic books where many of his award-winning illustrations have been published.


Peter Enfantino is an obsessive collector of mystery, crime and horror digests including Alfred Hitchcock, Manhunt, Mike Shayne, as well as the entire stable of Warren Magazines. He has written for all the major channels on the topics, including Paperback Parade, Mystery Scene, Mystery File, Comic Effect, and Peter Normanton's From the Tomb. For thirteen years he co-edited The Scream Factory and Bare Bones magazines, and currently blogs at bare•bones e-zine. He divides his time between Mesa, AZ and London, England.

A professional writer for over thirty-five years, Ron Fortier has worked on comic book projects such as The Hulk, Popeye, Rambo and Peter Pan; with The Green Hornet and The Terminator (with Alex Ross) being his two most popular series. He penned two TSR fantasy novels with Ardath Mayhar, and in 2001 had his first play, a World War II romantic comedy, produced.

Ron currently writes and produces pulp novels and short stories for a wide range of publishers; and has several movie scripts floating around Hollywood looking for a home. If that isn’t enough, he also writes Pulp Fiction Reviews.

A devoted grandfather of six, at 68, Ron is thrilled to be part of the new web-comic evolution. Part of this joy is in the realization of a life long dream, that of becoming a pulp writer. For news about Ron’s many projects visit Airship27.

Brad Foster
Hugo Award winning illustrator and cartoonist. Learn more about Foster and his work at Jabberywocky Graphix.

Andrew Goldfarb
Writer, musician and artist, Goldfarb is a one man surrealistic rock and roll band known as The Slow Poisoner.

Rob Imes
Editor and publisher of Ditkomania, a zine devoted to the work of Steve Ditko. Single issues are $3.00 postpaid. A 4-issue subscription is $12.00 postpaid. (Inquire for destinations outside the United States.)
Rob Imes
13510 Cambridge #307
Southgate, MI 48195

Rob is also the chairman of the United Fanzine Organization (UFO) and publisher of their club zine, Tetragrammaton Fragments. You can learn more about the group and download a free pdf of T-Frags from their website

Larry Johnson
For over 25 years Larry has published Tales of Fantasy, a small press comic book. He’s also a member of the United Fanzine Organization; making comic books all his life and teaching the craft at his local art center. A graduate of the Art Institute of Boston in fine arts Larry is also an accomplished landscape painter. In addition, he’s a science fiction fan who collects old SF digests. His book The Best of Tales of Fantasy is available for $9.45. For more about Larry and his work visit the Larry Johnson website.

Richard L. Kellogg
Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the SUNY College of Technology in Alfred, New York, Richard has received grants from the SUNY Research Foundation to develop instructional materials on Sherlockian methods of problems solving. His most recent book on the Great Detective is a collection of essays titled “Vignettes of Sherlock Holmes” (Gryphon Books, 2008). He is also creator of the popular Barry Baskerville series from Airship 27.

Richard Krauss
Writer and erstwhile cartoonist, Richard’s work has appeared in Copy This!, Space and Time, Satyr, Not My Small Diary, Newave! and Treasury of Mini Comics Vol. 1. For more information about his writing career visit the Richard Krauss website.

John M. Kuharik
Born in Binghamton, NY, Kuharik is a 1971 Rider College graduate, an Army veteran, and a career public health retiree. He loves alternate universes, and time travel, and spends ridiculous amounts of time playing fantasy MMORG's. His stories, "Brainboy," "Don't See How It Won't Get Worse," and "Suddenly Tired," have appeared in The Prairie Light Review.

Gary Lovisi
Crime fiction author, bookseller and collector who writes about collectable paperbacks. Under his Gryphon Books imprint, Lovisi publishes Paperback Parade, the world's leading magazine on collectable paperbacks of all kinds.

Michael Neno
Writer, cartoonist and publisher, creator of The Signifiers, Quacky Pig and Friends, The Mesh, Freak Cave and Reactionary Tales comics. Michael’s work has appeared in Cracked Magazine, Nix Comics and Caliber Press, he’s colored artwork by Mort (Beetle Bailey) Walker, illustrated a novel for Airship 27 and won a Governor's Award for Excellence for painting. He’s presentated his work at the Ohio State University and Wild Goose Creative, where he’s also curated four exhibits of graphic design. For a popculture experience and more Neno links visit his Eventized blog.

D.D. Ploog
Photographer and writer of noir, mystery and the newly coined 'bizarro fiction.' D.D. Ploog enjoys writing about average people doing everyday things in darkly uncomfortable, occasionally illegal ways. The odd circus freak pops up and at least one dead body in every story.

"A psychic once told me that I've been a writer of some sort in all my past lives. I'd like to think that's because I love it, not because I'm in perpetual re-write stage." Ploog lives in Portland, Oregon surrounded by old photographs, antique typewriters and musty smelling pulp fiction novels.

Matthew Turcotte
An avid Archie Digest Library collector, Turcotte was interviewed about his collection and knowledge of the Archie digest line by D. Blake Werts in TDE Book One. Turcotte blogs at Pop Culture Addict Life Guide and is a member of Archie Comics World.

Bob Vojtko
Accolades are plentiful for working-class cartoonist Bob Vojtko, including a feature on the Saturday Evening Post website, a fan page on Facebook, and hundreds of pages of indie comics and gag cartoons in magazines like Reader’s Digest, Harvard Business Review, Funny Times, Woman’s World, etc.

Joe Wehrle, Jr.
Writer and artist whose work has appeared in Cauliflower Catnip Pearls of Peril, Menomonee Falls Gazette, 1971 Clarion Anthology, Vampirella, Two-Gun Raconteur, Worlds of If, Galaxy, TDE and many other publications.

D. Blake Werts
Blake is a perpetual student and if pressed, will insist he’s damn good at software development, which he chose to pursue professionally. His attention is drawn to all things analog, so if he’s babbling about the past, this is likely the cause. He enjoys vacationing with his wonderful wife and pup, snapping away with vintage/toy cameras, smashing fingers in letterpress equipment, organizing classical Long Play collections, or seeking out dusty books. Blake graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Clemson University in Clemson, SC, and a degree in English Literature from Queens University in Charlotte, NC.



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